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Maria Maria Studio exists to to build sustainable partnerships with artisans from around Mexico and connect them with customers around the world. At the studio, I work to blend modern with their time tested techniques, creating one of a kind, timeless pieces that will last generations regardless of trends. I collaborate closely with artisans across the country to extend their products’ distribution and I am committed to identifying and partnering with artisans with limited access to markets due to their remote locations, their small-scale production, or their lack of technical support.

I live on the ground working and connecting with artisans and I deeply value and understand firsthand the amount of work, energy and skill that goes into creating each piece. By buying directly from the artisans who make each product, the artisans are able to set the prices for their goods and are paid fairly for their work. All products are made one at time by hand, and some are made by different people, going through different stages of design. I value and understand the traditional methods of production and believe in knowing who we´re buying from.

Erica & Susana.