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You’re an interior décor or clothing company looking for someone to manage the production of your goods with makers in Mexico (anything from textiles, pottery, wool, cotton). Your ideal candidate loves supply chains as much as she has a killer aesthetic because the process will involve sample timelines in addition to last minute design changes. You need someone who is comfortable traveling in Mexico, knows he language and who has experience managing the logistics that involve design and production.

Hiring Maria Maria Studio allows you to do what you’re good at while having the confidence that your production will be completed on time and beautifully.

During our partnership, I will—

+ Start by looking deeply at where your company stands in terms of timeline – when you need the product by and where you are in the process. This includes working closely with your team, reviewing conversations with the makers and traveling to where production is taking place.
+ Backwards plan the product or seasonal launch taking into account the sampling process, shipping timelines, and any production hiccups you’ve had in the past.
+ Internally manage each SKU in the production cycle.
+ Lead the sampling process in country if desired or appropriate.
+ Offer design feedback upon request.
You’ll also receive—

+ All timeline and management documents. You’ll always know where each SKU is in the development process (and receive live updates).
+ The opportunity to produce and pitch content together.


Initial investment— $2500 per month minimum for 3 months.

If you’re interested in production management package or have questions, email me!