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As a small studio, we specialize in home goods (cotton and wool), home decor, and artisanal leather bags with makers across Mexico. We’re constantly adding new products, working with more artisans and finding the best ways to innovate, provide sustainable jobs and to get products on time to you. I am familiar with traveling around my country, know the language and have experience managing the logistics that involve design and production of new collections.


  • Setting Timelines – Help you establish a budget, material sourcing based on your brand´s color pallet, and sampling deadlines.

  • Help you customize items that we carry based on your seasonal launches bringing to life your exclusive designs.

  • Shipping timelines, manage shipping in country and export.

  • Live updates with the artisans.

  • Content creation with artisans for website and social media.

  • Design input and feedback.


If you’re interested in production management, custom or have questions, email me!